What is Wrong with Geriatric Care Funding?

What is Wrong with Geriatric Care Funding?

My heart aches for this ageing couple

Here they are dealing with a geriatric care funding system in New Brunswick that leaves them desperately short on living expenses. She is in a nursing home costing him upwards of $2700 per month and making it impossible to maintain the roof over his head.

What’s worse, everyone knows that the system is broken. He has even been advised to divorce his wife in order to protect his essential household income, “because then his pension wouldn’t be factored into her nursing-home fees.”

Can you imagine the loss of dignity she would suffer by being served with divorce papers after 52 years of marriage? Full story at CBC News.

My advice is to plan ahead

One of the things that I always discuss with my non-medical home-care clients is preparing for a possible future phase of more intensive at-home or possibly institutional medical care.

Ageing adults need to know how the local health care funding system works, including eligibility criteria for paid health care services. It can be a lot easier to make decisions and future plans ahead of time and not under such incredible duress.


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