Share the Sidewalk

Share the Sidewalk

Traffic Anxiety Discourages Older People from Leaving Home

seniors can have trouble navigating crowds At the mall today, I observed several older adults as they navigated the crowds.

One woman in particular had rough go. Being on a cane and of small stature, this senior citizen was nearly bowled over by a teen who was looking at a cell phone instead of paying attention to the foot traffic. The youth was kind and apologetic for bumping in to her but I could see that the elderly woman was still shaken afterwards.

Respect a Walker’s Right of Way

We need security and respect for people who walk. Specifically ensuring that drivers and cyclists respect a walker’s right of way. Keep cyclists off the sidewalks. Traffic-related anxiety discourages older people from leaving their homes, and getting the many benefits that come from walking. This fosters both poor health, and social isolation. Tolerance, patience, and acceptance of people as they are are needed.

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