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No matter our age, we all strive for and enjoy independence. The desire to be independent does not diminish with age, if anything, it becomes more important.

A list ofhousekeeping services commonly providedLet our caregivers help in maintaining your independence for as long as possible. We can assist clients with daily living activities, such as shopping and running errands, cleaning, administrative tasks and other activities that enable seniors to live at home independently and safely.



Our process is simple. We meet with you personally to discuss your cleaning needs, then develop a custom service plan to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Our team is trained with care to ensure a deluxe service is provided. We are professional, dependable, bonded and insured. We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly cleanings. Let us make your home sparkle so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clean home.


Grocery shopping

Some individuals simply do not have the strength or the energy to do their own grocery shopping. Our caregivers can assist in developing shopping lists, go to the store, pick out all items required, bring them home and put them away for you. We can also encourage you to come with us for some fresh air and activity when you are feeling up to it.

meal planning

Meal planning

Meal planning is crucial for those loved ones who are not able to provide themselves the balanced meals they need to stay healthy. Our caregivers can assist in preparing grocery lists, monitor current food supplies, and dispose of spoiled food. With the help of your nutritionist, they will develop meal plans with all the proper food groups necessary in your loved one's diet.

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Meal preparation

By eating regular healthy meals, you can maintain strength and hydration, promote your overall health and well being. We understand the importance of both good nutrition and the high quality socialization that occurs with meal time. We can prepare and assist in making and serving meals to accomplish both, ensuring that you consume nutritious meals, follow any dietary restriction and provide quality of life through good meals and good company.


Laundry & ironing

A clean and net appearance is as important as ever. Our caregivers can help you look your best by handling laundry loads, folding and ironing clothes. We’ll keep your whites and colours bright and hand wash your delicates.

sewing by hand

Hand sewing

Did you find a hole in the toe of your sock or lose a coat button? Not to worry, we can handle a needle and thread.

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Supportive reminders

Missing doctor, dental and medical appointments can take a serious toll on your health. We can assist; a caregiver can help you schedule your medical appointments and provide reminders to follow the doctor’s orders.



We’ll gladly accompany you on errands and make an adventure out of it. Or send us out with your shopping and to do list. Whether it be picking up prescriptions, going grocery shopping, taking the car in for an oil change or picking up a gift for someone special. Either way, anticipate our return with everything on your list.

Admin Assist

Admin assist

We can help you with list making, staying on top of billing schedules, and even get you connected to friends and family online if you’d like. No amount of math or techno babble will stand in the way of helping you tackle administrative tasks.

plant care

Plant care & light gardening

Plants that bloom and grow bring you daily joy and we’re all for that. We’ll gladly help you with watering and pruning, inside or out in your yard. You can continue to enjoy your green thumb with light gardening assistance by one of our caregivers.

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