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While the majority of our clients are seniors that need in-home care assistance, we also assist adults of all ages recovering from a surgery by providing pre- and post-operative in-home care. We can coordinate with your local surgery centre and assist you for the crucial period of 24-48 hours following a procedure. Even though it’s good to ask for help from loved ones, we can fill in the gaps. Our short-term recovery services are an outstanding solution that allows adults to recover following a surgery, an illness or an accident.

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Our pre-operative services prepare you for your surgery day. Many people become anxious before surgery so having a caregiver who eases those anxieties can be comforting. A caregiver will be on hand to help you with packing an overnight bag, if required, and assist with any specialized dietary requirements or restrictions prior to your surgery. We also accompany you to your surgery and ensure you are properly registered and set up comfortably.

Post Op1


Our post-operative service is specially designed for those who have just had out-patient surgery. Services include an escort home from the hospital, prescription drop-off/pick-up assistance, as well as medication reminders. We can lend assistance with grocery shopping, meal preparation, running errands, pet care, cleaning, and laundry. Our caregiver will also ensure you are well settled at home for the recovery process.

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