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While socialization is essential for all people, regardless of age seniors can be more susceptible to isolation. Upon reaching retirement age, and with children out of the house, the opportunities for socialization often declines, especially if the senior must rely on others for transportation. An active social lifestyle is more important than ever in helping seniors maintain a sharp mind, remain connected to the world around them, increase feelings of happiness, and develop a sense of belonging. Our caregivers can accompany and engage in activities with you and your loved one, such as playing games, attending social events, going for walks, eating meals together or simply visiting seniors in the home for lively conversations.

assist appointment

Assistance at appointments

We understand the importance of attending appointments, but what happens when your family members have to work or cannot get away from other responsibilities? Compromising health should never be considered, which is why our caregivers will gladly provide attentive care as they accompany you to your necessary appointments.

social activities

Social activities

Don’t miss another family reunion or decline an invitation to go to the theatre. We can help you to smooth the way so that social events are enjoyable.

friendly companionship

Friendly companionship

For many seniors, home care fills the social gap. Companions for the elderly meet social needs by providing supportive conversation, helping to plan social outings, structuring pastimes, hobbies and games and providing a little friendly encouragement to do light exercise and stay mentally active.

physical activity

Physical activity

We all know that maintaining some physical activity is the key to a long, healthy life. By participating in physical activity, seniors gain greater mobility, quality of life and independence. We can help you get the light exercise you need. Although we are not personal trainers or physiotherapists, we can encourage you to follow the recommendations of these professionals at home. We can also accompany you to the gym, the pool, on walks, or wherever else you may like to exercise.

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