How to bring nature indoors with an herb garden

How to bring nature indoors with an herb garden

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Nature is a powerful mood booster and the good news is, you don’t always have to get outside to tap into those healing qualities.

Bring the outdoors in, by cultivating an herb garden. This can be an easy, engaging activity to help the person you’re caring get in touch with the natural environment. Plus, the herbs you plant and grow will add flavor to any culinary creation and help create a soothing environment for everyone in the household.

Let’s get started.

Selecting your herbs

To get started, consider which herbs you want to grow. There are dozens of herbs that grow well in indoor pots, or in larger patio containers. You and the person you’re caring for can do some on-line research or pick up an herb gardening book and together select which herbs to cultivate. We suggest that you start with three and add to your little indoor garden as you become more familiar with the process.

When choosing which herbs to plant, think about which you like to cook with. Also, take into account what they look like and how they smell. Herbs, with their varied textures, gloss and scents, appeal to all the senses – and that is one reason they can have such a positive impact on those who plant them.

As with all herbs, the properties are powerful and improper use or consumption can lead to trouble, so if you do decide to use the herbs you grow in treatment, research the acceptable uses, talk to doctors, herbalists, and naturopaths, to insure that you get the most benefit.

There are plenty of other herbs you may decide to add into your garden. Some, like basil, sage and parsley can be especially flavorful to cook with.  Other herbs popular in home gardens include:  chamomile, peppermint, chives, cilantro and dill.

Planting the herbs

Once you’ve picked your varieties, buy pots that offer at least an inch to an inch-and-a-half of room to the rim and drainage holes,  and plants (or seeds) at the farmer’s markets or local garden centers. Indoors, herbs can be grown year round.

Then, plant the herbs by covering the entire root ball in well-draining potting soil that is appropriate for vegetables. If starting from seed, cover pot with plastic wrap until sprouts appear, to maintain moisture and moderate temperatures.

Planting the herbs is a great activity to share with the person you’re caring for. Have her get her fingers dirty in the soil, encourage her to feel the texture of the plant’s leaves and roots as she puts the plant into the pot. Then, pat down soil, water and put in a sunny spot.

Each day, help your loved ones to interact with these plants.  Have them smell the aroma of the growing herbs, touch the leaves, water the pots, and cut back the growth when the plant flourishes. It’s important that the person you’re caring for be part of the growing experience in whatever way possible.

When you help your loved one develop an intimate connection with nature, indoors or out, everyone feels better and you’ll soon discover that the plants aren’t the only things that flourish.

This is also the kind of activity and interaction the qualified caregivers at Pari Home Care love to provide.  If you would like help getting your senior reconnected with nature through indoor and outdoor activities or if you are ready for a respite while a qualified caregiver provides heartfelt companionship and stimulating activities for your senior, we are happy and ready to help.

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