Helen knows how to have fun!

Helen knows how to have fun!

photo baddie winkleIntroducing 86-year-old Helen Van Winkle. She has spunk.

She also has a big following on the Internet under the playful moniker that her granddaughter gave her, “Baddie Winkle.”

If you have a touch of the rebel in you or you have been secretly looking for the chance to break out of your shell a little more often, Helen’s story will surely spur you on.

Baddie Winkle has been living her life large and online for the past two years. She has been featured in over 2000 news stories, accumulated over 380,000 likes on Facebook, and even has a Wikipedia page devoted to her Internet personality and meme.

Let’s meet her now (play the video below)!

What do you think? Are you ready to take any of these new directions that Helen’s approach suggests?

  1. Having a public profile on the Internet doesn’t have to be scary–it can be fun.
  2. A little shock and awe is okay, if it’s done in a playful way and not gross!
  3. Authenticity is a great vibe so just relax and speak your mind as much as you can.

You can find Baddie Winkle on Facebook.

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