Getting started

Getting Started1

Hiring a caregiver

Finding a caregiver to provide in-home services and allowing the caregiver to assume responsibility is not easy. We know from first-hand experience that it can be stressful and often time-consuming to find the right caregiver. To help you through this process without being overwhelmed, we focus on matching and managing in-home caregivers so that you can focus on your loved one.

Getting started simply involves clear communication with us about the needs of your loved one. Together, we will develop a detailed care plan to guide us in the choice of an ideal caregiver. With this roadmap in place, ongoing communication between our professional caregiver and your family caregivers will ensure that the quality of our care is consistently good, and that it gets even better.

A deluxe care plan

Things don’t always go as we envision, so a deluxe care plan helps to make sure that potentially difficult situations are dealt with in the best way possible. Care plans should be very thorough, considering every scenario that your loved one might experience with a caregiver. From the start, the care plan provides clear guidance and sets the expectations for caregivers so that they know what to do.

Beyond outlining a caregiver’s duties, there needs to be a consistently updated schedule and notes. For example, a family caregiver might want to share a note about a new approach that significantly improved meal time with their loved one.
We will provide a care notebook for this purpose and document any variance in routine activities. We will relay any concerns about hydration, eating and any of the health parameters that are being monitored. In this way, we promote the flow of information across the whole in-home care team and important information isn’t forgotten or lost.

Of course, conversations are important, too. So we will regularly schedule meetings either in person or by telephone and ensure that there aren’t any lingering communication gaps or concerns.

To ensure that your loved one receives the care they deserve, we make sure to create a thorough plan from the start. With regular check-ins and documentation, our deluxe in-home care service is specifically designed to adapt as conditions change.


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The deluxe care process

In very little time, we are able to assess and understand your loved one’s unique situation and recommend a deluxe care plan for their particular needs. By following these four steps, we are able to commence in-home care as quickly as possible.


Initial contact is often made by phone as an opportunity to exchange information about the caregiving needs that have been identified. Please fill out our Client Needs Assessment to prepare for our initial telephone conversation and in-home consultation. A complimentary visit will be scheduled in the home with you and any other family members involved in caregiving, as well as the family member for whom in-home care is being considered.


During the planning phase, we will take a careful inventory of all of your loved one’s needs, discuss the anticipated level of care needed, and define the relative importance of each aspect of care identified. This allows us to return to you with detailed recommendations for the in-home care of your loved one, for your review and further input. In the end, our deluxe care plan will describe exactly what caregiving services are to be provided so that it meets with your complete approval.

We will discuss:

  • Your family’s goals for the caregiver
  • How the caregiving schedule will be designed to fit in with your loved one’s routines
  • The cost of care and pay remittance
  • Final steps to implement the deluxe care plan
  • Approach to follow-up and regular communication

Our search for the best caregiver for your loved one begins as soon as the deluxe care plan is approved, taking multiple factors into consideration such as superior caregiving capacity, good temperament, ease of communication, attention to detail and work ethic.


Your caregiver will make notes about the planned activities each time they visit your loved one’s home, continuously inviting your feedback and further suggestions. A supervisor will also visit your home for check-ins, at pre-determined and drop-in times so that you receive supplemental reports on the observed quality of care being provided.

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