Fighting Holiday Depression in Seniors

Fighting Holiday Depression in Seniors

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Fighting Holiday Depression in Seniors

While the holidays are filled with gatherings of family and friends, shopping and making favorite recipes, for many seniors the season brings not a lighthearted feeling but rather a heavy-hearted one. Changes in health, the loss of a spouse and other major life adjustments, such as moving into an assisted living facility, can trigger sadness, loneliness and depression in the elderly.

During the holidays, these melancholy feelings often intensify as seniors focus on nostalgic memories and the loved ones they miss. Older adults also face limitations on mobility and energy to get out and buy gifts and attend festivities. The inclement weather in many regions of the country during the holidays also keeps many seniors homebound. The emotional and social isolation can greatly affect the quality of life.

Elder care professionals like Pari Home Care can help seniors stay connected through rides to holiday activities, companionship visits and cooking/baking of holiday favorites. In-home care providers and family members play a vital part in noticing the signs of depression in older loved ones. Holiday depression is often missed in the elderly because of the busy pace of the season, but family caregivers can help counter ‘tis-the-season depression by:

  • Including seniors in holiday preparations. Help them put up decorations, take them gift shopping and work on Christmas cards together. If you live too far away, ask a caregiving service or local friend to fill in on these days to engage with your elderly loved one.
  • Communicating more regularly. Be sure you visit, call or stay in touch via email and texts during the hectic holiday season. Stop by with homemade goodies, talk more often via phone calls or plan Skype chats.
  • Encouraging participation in community-sponsored events. Be sure your loved one can attend their grandchildren’s holiday school programs or the local theater’s “The Nutcracker” performance.

Learn more about in-home senior care for yourself or your loved one from the dedicated staff at Pari Home Care.  We are known for our flexible hourly and live-in care from everything from running errands and help around the house with daily chores to more personal care.  We also offer comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and post-stroke care in Ottawa.

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