Does Mom or Dad Need Extra Help?

Does Mom or Dad Need Extra Help?

Pari Home Care provider of quality home care services in Ottawa helping seniors age safely in the comfort of home is our top priority

Now that the holidays are over, we thought it might be a good idea to give our readers some hints or signs that your ageing parent might need a little help to maintain their independence.

Look, it can be difficult to assess if a loved one needs extra assistance in order to maintain their independence. Not only can the signs be subtle, it is sometimes even harder for us as adult children to see and accept the signs. All of a sudden we need to realize that our role is changing from child to adult caregiver of an ageing parent. Many adult children of ageing parents find it difficult to make the transition from the role of child to potential caregiver.

Many of you have now been to visit your parents over the holidays and may now be wondering if your parent needs a little extra assistance at home to stay safe and healthy. Start with this little checklist:

  • Did your loved one have the same appearance they did the last time you saw them? Was their hair or clothes more disheveled from the last time you had seen them?
  • Were there any changes in how their home was kept up? Was it messier or less picked up than what you remember?
  • What was the state of the kitchen? Were there dishes in the sink where there would normally not be? Was there fresh food in the fridge and an appropriate amount for the number of people living in the home? Was the pantry or cupboards stocked?
  • Was the mail sorted? Did you see different piles of mail scattered around the house?
  • Did you see any items on the floor that may cause your loved one to trip and fall? What about electrical cords? Were they kept well out of the way?
  • Was their ability to “get around” any worse from the last time you had seen them?

This is by far not a complete list, but it gives family caregivers somewhere to start when assessing their loved one’s situation. If you have any questions after reading this list and want to speak with a Pari Home Care representative, visit our website at  Learn more about in-home senior care for yourself or your loved one from the dedicated staff at Pari Home Care.  We are known for our flexible hourly and in-home care from everything from running errands and help around the house with daily chores to more personal care.  We also offer comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and post-stroke care in Ottawa.

For more information, please call our office at (613) 266-6765 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation or you can send us an E-mail to and one of our staff will contact you.


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