1940s Vogue sewing pattern for winter coats

1940s Vogue sewing pattern for winter coats

vogue coat pattern

1940s sewing pattern via Rusty Zipper.

There’s a women’s knitting group at my local coffee shop and it makes me smile. I love seeing their handiwork.

As the weather turns cold, it is the perfect time to take up needles. This was also the time of year when my mother would start sewing our Christmas clothes.

From the upstairs bedroom, we could hear her steady hand guiding the scissors across the wooden dining table as she cut the fabric.

After a while, we’d hear her foot on the pedal of the Singer sewing machine and it’s electric hum would ebb and flow, at times working very hard to bind the heavy fabric or produce button holes.

The closer that Christmas day came, the more frantic and secret the sewing became. We could only look at the piles of cloth through the bevelled class window of the dining room doors and guess what would come of it.

What a thrill it was for my sisters and I to have new coats on Christmas morning–each one unique and made to measure.

Can you remember being instructed to stand still while being measured up, down and sideways by your mother?

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